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Enneagram Type 8 - Archetypes

Enneagram Type 8: Strengths and Challenges Explored

Enneagram Type 8 balances energy and vulnerability and focuses on aliveness. They are driven by pushing boundaries to protect their sensitive core. Enneagram Type 8 in all of us Enneagram Type 8 is the part of our personality about energy, vitality, and aliveness. To deeply sense and express our energy, vitality, and aliveness, we also

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#065 – The Practice of the Quiet Mind

Practicing your mind has no purpose or goal   When we practice quiet mind, it is a practice that will help us to connect with our quiet mind in times of somatic, emotional and cognitive pressure and imbalance. The practice is to help us regain balance and with our practice, we will have a sense

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#056 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Optimism and Playfulness

Optimism and Playfulness creates Meaning and Purpose   We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our optimism and playfulness.   When we engage in our optimism, positivity, playfulness, and hunger for exploration and adventures, we might experience several levels of freedom. I enjoy traveling and engaging in new

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System 1 and System 2 - Flemming Christensen

The Art of Balancing System 1 and System 2 in Leadership

In leadership, decision-making is a multifaceted process that requires a well-calibrated balance of intuition and analysis. A leader’s ability to discern which approach to employ in differing situations directly impacts the efficacy of their guidance and possible success. Some leaders tend to rely on rapid, instinctual judgments, and others are more into strategic and well-grounded

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Enneagram Triads - Flemming Christensen

Enneagram Triads: Your Guide to Personal Development and Transformation

Explore the transformative world of Enneagram Triads, a key tool for personal development and achieving profound self-understanding. Uncover the potent dynamics of Enneagram Triads and enrich your journey of personal development by combining the different Triads. Enneagram Triads offer a compass for personal development, leading you toward deeper self-awareness and growth and bringing insight into your role

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#048 – Are you aware of your focus on what might go wrong?

Are you a realist, or does realism kill the joy?   Are there any problems or drawbacks to being realistic? If your personality belongs to the more realistic ones, then the answer would be no, but for someone, being realistic seems more negative than positive.   (How can you blind blind Enneagram Type make you

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Here are your fixations - Flemming Christensen

New to the Enneagram? Here are your Fixations

Even though the Enneagram can be much more than merely a tool for Personality Typing, this Typology approach remains one of the most common in the field, at least as an entry point to what can turn into a rich and fulfilling journey of self-awareness and awakening. The first encounter And so, for people encountering

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#046 – Are you aware of your overly optimistic perspectives?

Seeing things from the brigther side can help you with handling sorrow and solving complex problems, but…   Being an optimist might help you live longer, stay healthier, and get out of the hospital faster. Being overly optimistic might also shorten your life, be hard on your health, and keep you in the hospital for

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#045 – Are you aware of your attachment to your sad emotions?

We might find a path of development when we understand the difference between true and false emotions.   Emotions like sorrow and sadness should not be overcome but transformed, and living with us like emotions like happiness and freedom creates the foundation for a healthy life.   (Read more about how your blind Enneagram Type

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#043 – Are you aware of your passive aggressiveness?

The power of conscious passivity   When we do not take action, we have taken action. It is not possible not to act, but we can choose not to respond in a conscious and self-aware way so our actions do not seem passive-aggressive.   When we are passive, we can avoid escalations of conflicts and

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#042 – Are you aware of your manipulation of other people?

Have you heard about the idea of positive manipulation?   Every time we communicate, we are trying to manipulate others. At its core, manipulation is the intention to make other people agree with you and then have people take action in doing or not doing something specific.   It is a mechanism that can be

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#041 – Are you aware of your dominating energy?

Do you know the difference between “power over” and “empowerment”?   Expressing your dominating energy, whether done consciously or subconsciously, is an inherent part of our human nature.   It is an emotional structure or pattern that lets other people know your boundaries and is an expression of your autonomy.   On the positive side,

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Psychology, Biology, Philosophy - Flemming Christensen

The Intersection of Psychology, Biology, and Philosophy in Mastering Leadership

The list of tools for leaders is long, and you can attend programs where you will expand your skills in building trust and emotionally safe cultures, avoiding or handling conflicts, communicating and feedback, navigating change and complexity, handling pressure and stress, empowering and building talents and taking care of innovation and entrepreneurship. But where to

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Team Development - Non Linear - Flemming Christensen

Team Development: Unlock the Power of the Sudden Shifts in Team Efficiency

Unlock the secret to team performance with our insight on non-linear team development and why individuals and teams collectively develop by jumps. Better Team Performance: Understanding Non-linear Team Development Team growth often adopts a non-linear pattern, marked by unexpected leaps and shifts rather than a predictable, constant incline. When we as leaders understand and benefit

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#040 – Are you aware of your judgment of other people?

Do you sense the difference between good and bad Judgment?   Judging, whether done consciously or subconsciously, is an inherent part of the human experience.   It’s a mental tool or structure that has aided our survival for thousands of years. However, like any tool or structure, it can be wielded for both constructive and

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#038 – Transformations, going from something to something

What did you have to leave behind?   When we undergo personal development, we undergo a transformation, where parts of us are changing form, shape, content, meaning, impact, gestalt etc.   You will typically transform your identity, mindset, values, assumptions, behaviors, and personal narratives and narratives about others.   A transformation is also an action

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#036 – Have you heard about third-generation coaching?

Co-create the solution and the path to walk   Third-generation coaching is the co-creation of a longing to initiate. The co-creation is often between the coach and the focus person, the longing is often like an awakening, urge, or spark and the initiation is often about embarking on a journey of finetuning and the development

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#026 – What is success to you?

When success is a personal matter   Success is about succeeding in something, and you can succeed in something planned and longed for, or you can succeed without even knowing it.   I travel around the world teaching leadership, teamwork, and personal growth, and mostly I know when I have succeded in my teaching or

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#025 – How do you learn from your mistakes?

Can we always learn from our mistakes?   It is said that we can all learn from our mistakes, but what is a mistake and is it from all the mistakes we can learn?   In one way I have done so many mistakes, and in another way, I have not done many mistakes.  

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#024 – Who could need an apology from you?

The art of making an apology   We can run so fast in our lives that we do not notice that we do or say something unintended that harms others. Or we can be so stuck in our own personality that pride prevents us from apologizing.   And there can be moments when we stop

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#023 -Who is helping, supporting and showing up for you?

No one can create success alone   We can not do everything ourselves, even if we think we can ❤. Everyone needs help, support, and someone who shows up for us. We need it because we need to understand the importance of true relationships, friendship, and families. We need to experience that state, feeling, sensation,

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Blind enneagram

Blind Enneagram Type: Discover your Blindness

The blindness neglects part of me, part of my type. So if I work on my blindness in my blind type, I will actually create openings in my primary type because my blind type has negative assumptions that are holding my primary type down or back. Your blind type would be qualities that you do

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Blind Spots the enneagram

How to find and accept your Blind Spots

The Enneagram is about accepting your blind spots.  Actually seeing what is preventing you from a real life. For me it’s like taking my type and putting it aside a little bit.  And see how is life like when my type is not running the show all the time. But I have to accept part

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