Cocreation wins over solo achievements, the beginners mind outsmarts the experts, and practicing self-observation makes me discover what I was earlier blind to.

May I introduce myself?

I am born in 1963 and started the lifestyle of founder and owner of my own business in 1986.

I have the fortune to be a father to Philip, a partner to Luise and co-father to Noah. We live north of Copenhagen in Denmark and my lifestyle includes running a small handful of businesses like THINK ABOUT IT, The Enneagram Institute of Denmark, The Initiative to Support a Meaningful Life, The Enneagram Next Level and flemmingchristensen.com.

I also regard myself as a zen-buddhist, and I am currently taking a MA in Buddhist Studies. I travel much for my own education and work, and I speak fluent Danish and English.

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Next next generation

I aim to support the next generation with insights, awareness, and strategies to create and live a meaningful life. The nature of a meaningful life is very individual, but in Denmark, we see the next generation having fears for the future, feeling lonely, and having unhealthy role models.


In Denmark, the next generation is better educated than my generation. They take better care of themselves sexually, healthwise, and regarding alcohol and drugs than my generation. But still, the sense of no meaning and purpose is stronger than ever.

The next next generation is the child of your child, and to support that future child, you need to strengthen your insight, awareness, strategies, and your abilities to act on what matters most.


I feel a deep sense of meaning and purpose in supporting the next next generation, and I do this by writing books, teaching classes, and as a speaker. Every year I teach around 1.000 young adults and have the pleasure of seeing their appetite to understand themselves and their lives better.


I have presented my teaching to more than 60.000 participants over the last three decades, and I also see an appetite for my generation to explore the creation and live a meaningful life. And when we do so, we can become healthy role models for the next next generation.


Every week I compose specially designed tips and perspectives on how to live a more free and meaningful life. You can sign up for your “Question of the week” e-mail.

Author of
bestselling books

I am the author of several bestselling books primarily about personal development, leadership, teamwork, and with the focus on the Enneagram.

Two books are in English

The Enneagram and why your blind type matters (click here to read more)


The Enneagram in relationship (click here to read more)

The others are in Danish

LYT (click here to read more)


324 (click here to read more)


Enneagrambogen (click here to read more)


Enneagrammet og typernes indbyrdes relationer (click here to read more)




Keep the Spirit


Livslederens Ordbog


Væk din drøm


Succesfuld Ledelse

The more traditional about me…

Flemming Christensen - black and white

I am the founder and owner of my companies, THINK ABOUT IT and The Enneagram Institute of Denmark. I am the author of 19 books and teach professional and personal leadership skills in Denmark and internationally. I feel fortunate to have been working with organizations like Abbvie, Aon, Danica Pension, Danske Bank, Danish Medicine Agency, DIGNITY, Coop, Copenhagen University, EG, FTF-A, Iowa University, Iowa University, ISS, KMD, Leo Pharma, Medtronic, Microsoft, Quooker, Radiometer, Nordisk Ministerråd, Philips, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Ørsted and more…

Since 1986, I have been self-employed, a role that has given me experience and mastery of building your own life, based on what makes your heart sing. I am also one of the founders of “The initiative to support the meaningful life”. The initiative is an organization supporting young adults between 15 and 30 years with training and a community to build new life skills.

For two decades, I have been practicing zen-Buddhism and I am currently taking a MA in Buddhist Studies. My teachings often blend psychology, philosophy, leadership, and relationships.

Timeline starting in 1986

I established myself as selfemployed sending out my first invoice on the 30th of August 1986. 


Since then I have founded or co-founded several organizations, which today are supporting leaders in their leadership role, young adults in finding their meaning and purpose in both their professional and private life, teams in building on each others stenghts while growing both as individuals and collectively, relations to thrive and people around the world in discovering their freedom and human capacity. 


My focus is the Next Next Generation, supporting future generations to act on what matters most and respond with wisdom and compassion.



Founded by Flemming Christensen in 1986 and located in Copenhagen, Denmark, THINK ABOUT IT combines leadership and teamwork with personal growth and development. With accredited partners, THINK ABOUT IT offers national and international clients training, consulting, and coaching. The ambition is to combine insight and experience from psychology, philosophy and biology to foster new mindsets and skills to build a stronger sense of meaning and purpose for oneself and others.


Flemming Christensen Teaching


The well-established education of THINK ABOUT IT consists of the 28 days Enneagram Next Level certification program for teachers, consultants and coaches, the Enneagram Next Next Generation Project for young adults and their parents and teachers and the Enneagram Solo Entrepreneur Academy for Enneagram enthusiasts who want to start their own business based on the Enneagram.


Next to education, THINK ABOUT IT offers leaders and their teams a business program aimed at building the mindsets and skills to support the current and future strategy of the organization, section, or department.


The wisdom pillars for the offerings of THINK ABOUT IT are the Enneagram, Immunity to Change, Somatic Leadership, The Integral Mindset, NLP and Zen Buddhism. Flemming Christensen is a Zen Buddhist and is currently taking his master’s in Buddhist Studies.


Flemming Christensen is the author of 20 bestselling books about leadership, teamwork, coaching, and personal growth and development based on the Enneagram. Two of these books can be found in English, while the rest are in Danish. Flemming Christensen is accredited in several disciplines like the Enneagram, NLP, Somatic Leadership, Immunity to Change, and the partners of THINK ABOUT IT also hold their accreditations from recognized organizations.