Rania Hussein

Rania Hussein: “The Enneagram gave me my smile back”

The Enneagram helped me to get in touch with my inner territory, my inner landscape, and to understand  people around me better. The Enneagram gave me my life back, it gave me my smile back. Because these are things that I had lost along the way. Rania Hussein interview in Enneagram Insights podcast   Rania

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Russ Hudson Podcast

What is being Developed in Personal Development? Russ Hudson

The Enneagram work certainly can have an effect on the personality, but it’s really about working on a deeper part of us. When we’re looking at what the Enneagram is originally intended to develop, it’s more about the development of essence. It’s soul work. It’s like the raw material of what we are born with

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Blind enneagram

Blind Enneagram Type: Discover your Blindness

The blindness neglects part of me, part of my type. So if I work on my blindness in my blind type, I will actually create openings in my primary type because my blind type has negative assumptions that are holding my primary type down or back. Your blind type would be qualities that you do

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Blind Spots the enneagram

How to find and accept your Blind Spots

The Enneagram is about accepting your blind spots.  Actually seeing what is preventing you from a real life. For me it’s like taking my type and putting it aside a little bit.  And see how is life like when my type is not running the show all the time. But I have to accept part

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Khaled ElSherbini

“The Enneagram is a core tool for Awakening” Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

The Enneagram Teacher Dr. Khaled ElSherbini is a guest in “Enneagram Insights Podcast – On Awareness, Presence and relationships”. Khaled is the founder of the school Enneagram Egypt. He talks to Flemming Christensen about how the Enneagram found him. And how the Enneagram for him is a tool for awakening. This is a conversation about

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The Practical Enneagram by Rezzan Huseyin

Interview by Rezzan Huseyin about the new book

This interview with Rezzan Huseyin evolved into an interesting conversation, being more a conversation between to Enneagram-enthusiasts, than a formal interview. Based on a new book, “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters” we talked about “blind Enneagram types” and how being blind in one type and not another, shapes our assumptions for us.

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Why do we search for meaning by Russ Hudson and Flemming Christensen

Russ Hudson about searching for meaning

In this interview with Russ Hudson, we are talking about why we are searching for meaning and purpose in life. We all need a sense of meaning and purpose in life, and without we will have a greater sense of difficulties, frustrations, pain, and dissatisfaction. With the sense of meaning also comes handling difficulties more

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