Mai Ashour: We need the Enneagram in drama and art

Mai Ashour Enneagram

The Enneagram need to be put in drama. In theatres, in novels, in movies, in series. Why not let the Enneagram  to be known through the world from drama and poetry? Why not? People act the types.
And the Enneagram shows us how to deal with those types.


Interview with Mai Ashour



Mai Ashour is todays guest in Enneagram Insights podcast – on Awareness, Presence and Relationships.



She is a professional Enneagram coach and relates to type 8.



At the “Remember what you are” Enneagram conference in Cairo in January of 2024, she will take part in the discovery track.



And talk about the heart center and the heart types in the Enneagram.



She will also moderate a panel about creativity through types and instincts.



It’s about discovering their talents and creativity. It is also a discovery of creativity and any pain related to creating.


Subjects in the interview



In this conversation with Flemming Christensen they talk about:



✔️ Mai Ashour´s journey with the Enneagram



✔️ How to see people like flowers with different colors, smells and soil



✔️ Why to bring the Enneagram into drama and art and to universities



✔️ The title of a yet unwritten book by Mai Ashour



✔️ Psychology, trauma and the Enneagram



✔️ The codependency in the types and the idea of codependency in life – and the beauty of the letting go




Listen to the episode and the conversation on Spotify or Apple. The episode is almost an hour long and it is for free on your favorite podcast app. 


IEA Egypt enneagram
IEA Egypt enneagram 2024: Remember What you are.

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