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Question of the week


Question of the week - 20MAR2023 - Flemming Christensen

# 8: Powerful wishes to you and your loved ones

20 MAR 2023

The four Brahma Viharas are, in a way, wishes for you and your loved one about being healthy, happy, and having healthy and happy relationships.


The tradition around the Brahma Viharas centers around Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity. All qualities of a human being can be evolved and become part of your personality. Some master the qualities better than others, but still, we have them all


It is also other easier to wish good health and happiness for others, but what about yourself? How can you... (Click here to receive)

Question of the week - 13MAR2023 -Flemming Christensen

#7: Who are you and what are you?

13 MAR 2023

Sometimes it is easier to answer the question “Who am I?” than “What am I?” But when we challenge ourselves to the “What am I?” we will often find surprising answers.


The invitation this week will give you 100 answers to the question “What am I?” and during the process, you will also meet your Enneagram type finding ways for you NOT to answer the question!


This week you will both explore the question of “what” while at the same time also exploring how your personality does not want you to know the answer... (Click here to receive)

Question of the week - 06MAR2023 - Flemming Christensen

#6: How do you honor yourself?

06 MAR 2023

What does it mean to honor yourself, what is it that you are honoring, and how do you do it?


And what would be the outcome if you did not honor yourself?


The intention of this “Question of the Week” is to investigate the parts of your that you honor and I have listed some of the qualities for the different Enneagram types that I have used in my new book “The  Enneagram and why your blind type matters”.


Knowing what to honor about yourself will also help you support others in (Click here to receive)

Question of the week - 27FEB2023 - Flemming Christensen

#5: What is your daily practice?

27 FEB 2023

We all have practices every week, every day, and every hour. The way you get up in the morning is a practice, the way you have your first meal is a practice, the way you greet people is a practice, and so on. These practices are more unconscious and could also be called patterns or routines.


Your practices are driving your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, so building a practice where you understand your patterns will help you get back into balance.


By building new practices for mastering awareness, presence, and healthy relationships, you need to slow down and… (Click here to receive)

Question of the week - 004 - Flemming Christensen

#4: What are your personal superpowers, unique personal skills, and extraordinary human capacities and competencies?

20 FEB 2023

You can call it a birth gift, mastery, or abilities shaping who you are. Your personal superpowers are skills that both shape you and, when used with presence, will create freedom, meaning, and purpose for yourself and others.


Your personal superpowers can be found within the structure of the Enneagram, but are not limited to the Enneagram. If you are familiar with the Enneagram, then there are certain superpowers per… (Click here to receive)

Question of the week - 003 -

#3: How do you discover or become aware that you have lost your balance?

13 FEB 2023

Many times a day, we will lose our balance, so the question is not if we will get out of balance but how we will restore our balance. One way of becoming aware of the unbalance is to notice when you react where you could have responded.

When we react we invite others to also react, and when we respond the invitation to others is to communicate more from presence. Responding is not easy when others are reacting, but it can become a positive reminder or trigger for you to “catch yourself in the… (Click here to receive)

Question of the week - 002 -

#2: How do you regain your somatic, emotional, and mindful balance?

6 FEB 2023

When you have somatic balance you have a precise understanding of your physical health. You rest when needed, you eat when needed, you exercise when needed, etc. You also use different ways of breathing depending on when you need to relax, get energized, handle pressure, etc.

When you are in emotional balance you understand how you can be identified or attached to your personality, and how to soften this identification or attachment. You feel a deep sense of meaning and purpose, and your “life compass” is guiding you to when to accept different… (click here to receive)

Question of the week - 001 -

#1: Do you know the stories you tell about yourself?

30 JAN 2023

We tell stories about ourselves, and the more we are identified or attached to these stories, the more they control our lives. You might tell yourselves, that you are the responsible one, the one who can spread positive energy and positivism, or the one who must play small.

Whatever you tell yourself about who you are (or think you are), and the more you trust these self-stories, the more you lose your ability to act, feel and think freely. First, we need to be aware of the stories, then we need to accept that they exist, and then we need to soften our identification or attachment to… (click here to receive)