#039 – Who or what has in a positive way shaped you into who you are today?

Your life is a blend of the events and people you have encountered


Question of the week - Flemming ChristensenWe are all being shaped by the experiences and people we meet on our path in life. Becoming a father has shaped my life, getting married the first time shaped my life and losing everything did shape my life.


So how can we be shaped by events or people?


One way of being shaped is building new skills out of the love, respect and care we meet from others. A respectful teacher or my first boss shaped the way I see myself. Today I remember how my Danish teacher in high school inspired me to write monthly essays even if the discipline was not in the regular schedule, and my first boss inspired me to take early morning shifts to help colleagues with difficulties on being at work early in the morning.


Another way of being shaped can come from demands or necessities, where the involuntary end of a professional or personal relationship can force you to look at yourself and the way you behave. For me all relationships – professional as personal – have shaped me into the persona, man, father, partner, college, business owner I am today.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how we have been shaped by the events or people we have encountered in life:


  • Who or what has shaped you in your life in a positive way and how?
  • How do you shape other people’s life today?
  • Do you have the experience that loss can shape you in a positive way, or is it only events or people who show up with love, respect and care that shape you in a positive way?



Your weekly quote


We grow and develop by the merging with other people, and the merging is the cultivator and fertilizer for new personal, relational, and emotional skills.our future and what to be left behind.




Your weekly recommended reading


Read more about “The Road back to you”.


Watch small videos on how we shape the moment in the interplay with others.

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