System 1 and System 2 - Flemming Christensen

The Art of Balancing System 1 and System 2 in Leadership

In leadership, decision-making is a multifaceted process that requires a well-calibrated balance of intuition and analysis. A leader’s ability to discern which approach to employ in differing situations directly impacts the efficacy of their guidance and possible success. Some leaders tend to rely on rapid, instinctual judgments, and others are more into strategic and well-grounded

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Enneagram Triads - Flemming Christensen

Enneagram Triads: Your Guide to Personal Development and Transformation

Explore the transformative world of Enneagram Triads, a key tool for personal development and achieving profound self-understanding. Uncover the potent dynamics of Enneagram Triads and enrich your journey of personal development by combining the different Triads. Enneagram Triads offer a compass for personal development, leading you toward deeper self-awareness and growth and bringing insight into your role

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Challenge of Stereotyping - Flemming Christensen

The Challenge of Stereotyping: Who do you see when you see me?

Stereotyping is like excess fat, very easy to acquire, not so easy to cast away! The aim of Enneagram teaching One of the fundamental aims of Enneagram teachings is to liberate individuals from the confines of their personality templates. Rather than boxing people, ourselves included, into rigid categories with fixed descriptions and traits, the Enneagram

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Psychology, Biology, Philosophy - Flemming Christensen

The Intersection of Psychology, Biology, and Philosophy in Mastering Leadership

The list of tools for leaders is long, and you can attend programs where you will expand your skills in building trust and emotionally safe cultures, avoiding or handling conflicts, communicating and feedback, navigating change and complexity, handling pressure and stress, empowering and building talents and taking care of innovation and entrepreneurship. But where to

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Team Development - Non Linear - Flemming Christensen

Team Development: Unlock the Power of the Sudden Shifts in Team Efficiency

Unlock the secret to team performance with our insight on non-linear team development and why individuals and teams collectively develop by jumps. Better Team Performance: Understanding Non-linear Team Development Team growth often adopts a non-linear pattern, marked by unexpected leaps and shifts rather than a predictable, constant incline. When we as leaders understand and benefit

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The Don Riso Challenge - Flemming Christensen

The Don Riso Challenge: Live as one type per month!

Do we change the type in the Enneagram, or do we just grow more self-awareness and understand that we mistakenly saw ourselves in the wrong type? This article is about how I though that Enneagram Type 5 was where I belonged in the Enneagram, but the Don Riso Challenge changed my mind. What is the

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Body of Enneagram Type 3 - Flemming Christensen

Perfect somatic timing – The body of Enneagram Type 3

Every type in Enneagram is represented in what is called the three centers. And you can master or balance all three centers depending on what type you relate to the most. In this article, I will write about the somatic or body-center of Enneagram Type 3. The three centers of the Enneagram If you have

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Blind spot and blind types - Flemming Christensen

Enneagram blind Spot, Shadows and Enneagram blind Types

The book “The enneagram and why your blind type matters” have now been out in bookstores and online shops for three months. Several readers are sending me questions about the blind Enneagram type and until now, I have received most questions about the difference between a blind Enneagram spot / shadows and blind Enneagram type.

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Finding a teacher - Flemming Christensen

Finding an Enneagram teacher

It is said that the student will not find the teacher, but the teacher will appear or find the student when the student is ready. For me, I have both been looking for teachers, and teachers have also entered my life exactly when I needed specific teaching. I am writing this both as a Enneagram

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Understanding Your Blind Spot in Relationships

Are you in a personal relationship? Do you ever feel like there’s something blind to you – or your partner – preventing the connection from going deeper? If so, then it might be time to take a look at your relationship blind spots and how they are impacting your personal relationships. Blind spots within relationships

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Books about the Enneagram

The Best Enneagram Books: Great books that I recommend

Are you looking for books to get a deeper understanding of the Enneagram, or have you already done some exploration about the Enneagram and want to stay updated about the new book titles about the Enneagram? Then this article will help you find your way among some of the best sellers, classics “must-reads” and the

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Next Next Generation - Flemming Christensen 1200 x 600

Why I support the next next generation

I strongly believe that the next generation should be empowered and supported in order to make a positive impact on society. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with the younger generations who will soon be leading and guiding us. But how is that done without becoming blind to my own ideas? Introduction

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Leadership blind spot and Enneagram blind type

Are blind spots and blind types the same in the Enneagram?

When using the Enneagram in leadership training, we often talk about leadership blind spots and Enneagram blind spots for the types. But is that the same as Enneagram blind type, and if not, what is the difference?   Leadership blind spots are certain areas of your leadership personality, where you are unaware of your appearance

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Do we need more books about the Enneagram?

Do we need another book about the Enneagram?

Every week we see a new book about the Enneagram, and one could think, “Do we need more books about the Enneagram” or “What new is there to write about?”. In this article, I will explain why I wrote the book “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters” and why I think we need

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Hidden Key - Flemming Christensen

More keys to the Enneagram to work on your primary type

Most students of the Enneagram work on their primary Enneagram type, building a large vocabulary about how the type communicates, receives feedback, navigates in professional and private relationships, handles pressure, etc. When you include your understanding of your blind Enneagram type, you will discover new potential valuable keys to the Enneagram and to your personal

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