hudson Enneagram

Russ Hudson: “It is not ok for me to hide anymore”

I’m more courageous in terms of showing up and speaking up and being involved with people and situations. And it’s not OK for me anymore to hide out on the sidelines with my knowledge while the world is having all kinds of problems. I feel a much stronger pull to use whatever I do know

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Khaled Elsherbini in Enneagram Insights podcast

“The Enneagram is a core tool for Awakening” Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

The Enneagram Teacher Dr. Khaled ElSherbini is a guest in “Enneagram Insights Podcast – On Awareness, Presence and relationships”. Khaled is the founder of the school Enneagram Egypt. He talks to Flemming Christensen about how the Enneagram found him. And how the Enneagram for him is a tool for awakening. This is a conversation about

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The Don Riso Challenge - Flemming Christensen

The Don Riso Challenge: Live as one type per month!

Do we change the type in the Enneagram, or do we just grow more self-awareness and understand that we mistakenly saw ourselves in the wrong type? This article is about how I though that Enneagram Type 5 was where I belonged in the Enneagram, but the Don Riso Challenge changed my mind. What is the

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Enneagram Insights podcast

Welcome to the “Enneagram Insights Podcast” by Flemming Christensen

Welcome to this first episode of our International podcast about the Enneagram. We want to bring you great interviews with remarkable people to discuss how the Enneagram can be both a key and a gate into deeper presence and awareness and into strong and healthy relationships. Listen to the new Enneagram podcast   The “Enneagram

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Body of Enneagram Type 3 - Flemming Christensen

Perfect somatic timing – The body of Enneagram Type 3

Every type in Enneagram is represented in what is called the three centers. And you can master or balance all three centers depending on what type you relate to the most. In this article, I will write about the somatic or body-center of Enneagram Type 3. The three centers of the Enneagram If you have

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Blind spot and blind types - Flemming Christensen

Enneagram blind Spot, Shadows and Enneagram blind Types

The book “The enneagram and why your blind type matters” have now been out in bookstores and online shops for three months. Several readers are sending me questions about the blind Enneagram type and until now, I have received most questions about the difference between a blind Enneagram spot / shadows and blind Enneagram type.

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Finding a teacher - Flemming Christensen

Finding an Enneagram teacher

It is said that the student will not find the teacher, but the teacher will appear or find the student when the student is ready. For me, I have both been looking for teachers, and teachers have also entered my life exactly when I needed specific teaching. I am writing this both as a Enneagram

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