Listening to stories is a deep part of learning, getting new perspectives, and connecting with ourselves. Telling stories about our experiences deepens the learning.

Upcoming dates

Unite & Ignite your Organization through the Enneagram

3 NOV 2023 - In English and Spanish - Virtual LIVE


Date: 3rd November, 2023 from  10AM to 3PM EDT. Join us as we bring together some of the brightest minds from the business world and Enneagram schools as we delve into the art of unifying and energizing organizations through the Enneagram. This live virtual event will equip you with invaluable insights and strategies to enhance your effectiveness when working with businesses, teams and a variety of organizations.  This event is offered in English with Spanish translation. Register today!

The Enneagram and why your blind type matters. On "Unite and Ignite" IEA conference

21-23 JAN 2023 - In English - Virtual or Live

LEARN about your blind type and why it is crucial to see – what you cannot see. 

Date: 21-23 July, 2023. Time and specific date to be announced.

Flemming Christensen – IEA Accredited Professional, presenter, author and founder of THINK ABOUT IT and the Enneagram Institute of Denmark – is widely recognized as having made the Enneagram part of everyday life in Denmark, especially within business and the professional Enneagram community. He combines powerful wisdom traditions insights with modern practices for building new skills. On this conference he´ll talk about the blind type and why it matters. 

The Enneagram and why your blind type matters

20 JAN 2023 - In English - Online Live

Join us for this special IEA LIVE Event on The Enneagram and why your blind type matters  with presenter Flemming Christensen.

Dates: 20 JAN 2023 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM EDT


Your ‘blind’ type is the type in the Enneagram in which you cannot see yourself or the type that does not make so much sense to you. Discoveries about ‘blind’ Enneagram types open new ways of working with your ‘primary’ type. When you discover your ‘blind’ type, you will also get access to powerful keys to open the human capacity of your ‘primary’ type.