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The Enneagram

– and why your blind type matters

THE ENNEAGRAM and why your blind type matters gives you an essential understanding of the Enneagram types and can help you find your own type. You will learn how each of the nine types represents a range of human qualities we all carry in our personalities, and some have been more or less developed during our life.

Your primary type is the type in the Enneagram to which you relate the most. When you find your primary type, you will understand your triggers and how to bring yourself back into balance.

Your blind type is shaping how your primary type is functioning, creating an individual and personal life theme for you. The life theme is a collection of beliefs, values, and principles that color how you make decisions, build relationships and pursue happiness.

The Enneagram in Relationships

THE ENNEAGRAM IN RELATIONSHIPS is for anyone seeking a deeper insight into why our relationships, both at work and in private, will face challenges.


The book deals with how we can build relationships that can deal with those difficult situations in which we can evolve and learn while we are in a relationship. It also shows how we can deal with situations in which we can develop the skills to become role models for our children in terms of how we should be in relationships with other people.


The book provides an intensive review of the way that the Enneagram types become a part of our personalities, and we are introduced to completely new approaches to the Enneagram not previously found in the literature. Indeed, much of THE ENNEAGRAM IN RELATIONSHIPS is groundbreaking, mapping out for the first time the dynamics within the Enneagram relationships.