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Welcome to “News Media” where you find news about the IEA Egypt Conference. The theme of the conference is “Remember what you are” and you can join other Enneagram enthusiasts from the 26th to 28th of January 2024 in Cairo. (read more about THINK ABOUT IT)

As a Media Sponsor Partner for the IEA Egypt conference in Cairo 2024 we are proud to deliver news about the conference. We will be presenting you with weekly interviews with speakers at the conference, articles about Egypt and the Enneagram and  interviews with members of the conference committee. It is our ambition to share our excitement about the conference with you and to promote the vision about the theme of “Remembering what you are”.


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Nhien Vuong

Nhien Vuong: I thought I related to Enneagram type 1

The type 3 descriptions are often cliche, stereotypical. Everyone’s just ambitious and compatetive. And I was like, that doesn’t match my life experience. But his description talked about this idea of wanting to live as an exemplary human being. And I remember all my life, I thought, if I lived in such a way that if everybody lived like I

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Ancient egypt Russ Hudson

Ancient Egypt holds a missing piece to the human experience. Russ Hudson

Mr. Gurdjieff is talking about the energy behind the Enneagram, which he called the fourth way, he said that part of the mission is that the wisdom of the East must come into balance and blend with the creative energy of the West. He said, if that doesn’t happen, our civilization will go backwards, it will regress. And we see

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System 1 and System 2 - Flemming Christensen

The Art of Balancing System 1 and System 2 in Leadership

In leadership, decision-making is a multifaceted process that requires a well-calibrated balance of intuition and analysis. A leader’s ability to discern which approach to employ in differing situations directly impacts the efficacy of their guidance and possible success. Some leaders tend to rely on rapid, instinctual judgments, and others are more into strategic and well-grounded decisions. Often the best leadership

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Maggie Balbaa

Enneagram Egypt Conference: Everyone is equally important. Maggie Balbaa

The Enneagram conference theme is remember what you are. We’re trying to bring people onto remembering this source and remembering where we actually originate and where we come from. And that at the end, when all of these differences are put aside, when we remember what we are, it’s always one point, oneness.     Maggie Balbaa is back in

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Mai Ashour Enneagram

Mai Ashour: We need the Enneagram in drama and art

The Enneagram need to be put in drama. In theatres, in novels, in movies, in series. Why not let the Enneagram  to be known through the world from drama and poetry? Why not? People act the types. And the Enneagram shows us how to deal with those types.   Interview with Mai Ashour     Mai Ashour is todays guest

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Shaimaa Refaat

Shaimaa Refaat: The Enneagram taught me that I have a self

You know what hit me first when I started learning the Enneagram? That I have a self. Leading from a type Nine, it hit me very strongly that I have a self to begin with. So if you are asking me if the Enneagram would help anyone? Yes. And it’s not theoretical, it was impactful. At least it was for

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Shatha Mahmoud

Shatha Mahmoud: The purpose behind life is to reconnect

When I met the the Enneagram, it was as if it was the cheat sheet of knowing people, on how they function and how they operate in this life. I felt I had the key now. It was also a key to become true and committed. It is hard work but you will get out of living in the autopilot

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Enneagram Triads - Flemming Christensen

Enneagram Triads: Your Guide to Personal Development and Transformation

Explore the transformative world of Enneagram Triads, a key tool for personal development and achieving profound self-understanding. Uncover the potent dynamics of Enneagram Triads and enrich your journey of personal development by combining the different Triads. Enneagram Triads offer a compass for personal development, leading you toward deeper self-awareness and growth and bringing insight into your role as a teacher, coach, leader,

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Here are your fixations - Flemming Christensen

New to the Enneagram? Here are your Fixations

Even though the Enneagram can be much more than merely a tool for Personality Typing, this Typology approach remains one of the most common in the field, at least as an entry point to what can turn into a rich and fulfilling journey of self-awareness and awakening. The first encounter And so, for people encountering the Enneagram for the first

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Interviews and Articles


Julie Harris

Julie Harris: Coming into contact with Essence

I’m teaching a lot about these underlying emotions in each center, of anger, shame, grief, and fear, which is something that gets talked about in the Enneagram world. But I realized, I don’t think that I’ve ever been to a class where I’ve really worked with those emotions. Julie Harris

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Safy Mousa

“Work on yourself and heal generations” Safy Mousa

So what I learned from Sufism and Enneagram, Safi, love yourself more, take care of yourself more, be you, be authentic, be who you are. Interview with Safy Mousa in Enneagram Insights     Safy Mousa is a scientist and also practises Sufism.     She is an Enneagram teacher

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Team Development - Non Linear - Flemming Christensen

Team Development: Unlock the Power of the Sudden Shifts in Team Efficiency

Unlock the secret to team performance with our insight on non-linear team development and why individuals and teams collectively develop by jumps. Better Team Performance: Understanding Non-linear Team Development Team growth often adopts a non-linear pattern, marked by unexpected leaps and shifts rather than a predictable, constant incline. When we

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Russ Hudson Podcast

What is being Developed in Personal Development? Russ Hudson

The Enneagram work certainly can have an effect on the personality, but it’s really about working on a deeper part of us. When we’re looking at what the Enneagram is originally intended to develop, it’s more about the development of essence. It’s soul work. It’s like the raw material of

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Weekly Questions

For your personal practice

#065 – The Practice of the Quiet Mind

Practicing your mind has no purpose or goal   When we practice quiet mind, it is a practice that will help us to connect with our quiet mind in times of somatic, emotional and cognitive pressure and imbalance. The practice is to help us regain balance and with our practice, we will have a sense of what it is we want to regain or the state we want to return to.   The quiet mind can not be achieved or

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#063 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Originality and Emotionality

Profound personal connection creates Meaning and Purpose   We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our originality, authenticity, emotionality, and our deep inner connection with ourselves.   Inner work might be the work of connecting with the deeper and true parts of ourselves. But what is it we connect with and who is connecting with what? It can sound spiritual, but it does not have to be. When we do therapy, coaching, couples

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#059 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Care and Attention to Others Needs

Care and attention to other creates Meaning and Purpose   We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our care and loving attention to other’s needs.   When we dedicate ourselves to the needs of others, we often build deep personal relationships based on care, empathy, and genuine interest in the best of others. Every human being, no matter their age, needs to be seen, heard and met. We grow from babies with a

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#058 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Correctness and High Standards

Correctness and High Standards creates Meaning and Purpose   We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our correctness and high standards.   When we dedicate ourselves to the correctness, discipline and pursuing high standards, we often feel great about ourselves as we are doing the right thing, the good thing or what would be expected of a great friend, partner or colleague. It can also feel like we are accomplishing, having some sort

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#057 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Adaptability and Productivity

Productivity and efficiency creates Meaning and Purpose   We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our adaptability and productivity.   When we engage in our adaptability and ability to achieve, build, and create, we often feel a sense of accomplishment. We might even feel that we are productive and efficient, and when we look at what we have done, the visible goal (KPIs) or achievement is clear proof of what we are capable

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#056 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Optimism and Playfulness

Optimism and Playfulness creates Meaning and Purpose   We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our optimism and playfulness.   When we engage in our optimism, positivity, playfulness, and hunger for exploration and adventures, we might experience several levels of freedom. I enjoy traveling and engaging in new cultures, conversations, architecture, and food. It’s like my brain restarts with new impressions, and new states, thoughts and ideas occur by themselves.   I have

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Founded by Flemming Christensen in 1986 and located in Copenhagen, Denmark, THINK ABOUT IT combines leadership and teamwork with personal growth and development. With accredited partners, THINK ABOUT IT offers national and international clients training, consulting, and coaching. The ambition is to combine insight and experience from psychology, philosophy and biology to foster new mindsets and skills to build a stronger sense of meaning and purpose for oneself and others.   Flemming Christensen Teaching   The well-established education of THINK ABOUT IT consists of the 28 days Enneagram Next Level certification program for teachers, consultants and coaches, the Enneagram Next Next Generation Project for young adults and their parents and teachers and the Enneagram Solo Entrepreneur Academy for Enneagram enthusiasts who want to start their own business based on the Enneagram.   Next to education, THINK ABOUT IT offers leaders and their teams a business program aimed at building the mindsets and skills to support the current and future strategy of the organization, section, or department.   The wisdom pillars for the offerings of THINK ABOUT IT are the Enneagram, Immunity to Change, Somatic Leadership, The Integral Mindset, NLP and Zen Buddhism. Flemming Christensen is a Zen Buddhist and is currently taking his master’s in Buddhist Studies.   Flemming Christensen is the author of 20 bestselling books about leadership, teamwork, coaching, and personal growth and development based on the Enneagram. Two of these books can be found in English, while the rest are in Danish. Flemming Christensen is accredited in several disciplines like the Enneagram, NLP, Somatic Leadership, Immunity to Change, and the partners of THINK ABOUT IT also hold their accreditations from recognized organizations.