#057 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Adaptability and Productivity

Productivity and efficiency creates Meaning and Purpose


Question of the week - Adaptability and Productivity - Flemming ChristensenWe find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our adaptability and productivity.


When we engage in our adaptability and ability to achieve, build, and create, we often feel a sense of accomplishment. We might even feel that we are productive and efficient, and when we look at what we have done, the visible goal (KPIs) or achievement is clear proof of what we are capable of. When we also add a little pragmatism to the activities, then we really are productive!


I love to be productive and enjoy when I can do things in an ever smarter way than what I did yesterday or compared to how others are doing things. Measuring my activities can be an indoor sport for me, and when I write a new book, I will update a spreadsheet with startingtime for my daily writing, endtime for the writing and the number of words I have been writing. Then I will get calculations about how well I am doing, if I am on schedule or not, if I need to do extra writing that day and how to navigate vacations and other activities. The feeling of being on time makes me energized and often gives me the extra push to go forward in the writing process. Writing a book normally takes a year, so to keep the writing going with the right flow of energy is important to me and measuring my progress gives me that extra motivation and engagement.


The big question about adaptability and productivity is why we are doing what we are doing. If we achieve based on fear, then the whole process and products / end results will become just another project. If we achieve based on love, then everything becomes meaningful and purposeful.


So how can we know if we are acting from fear or love?


When we act from fear, the reason for our activities often are based on some negative assumptions about what will happen if we don’t do the activities. It could be that I will not get my book published, that other authors will write the book before me, that I announce to the world that it will be ready, but now I look like a fool if the book will not be ready etc.


When we act for love, the reason for our activities is often based on how our activities will benefit others. In the example of  the bookwriting, I am driven by the learning and personal growth a book can support or create for the reader.


And of course, there can be a current balance of acting from fear and acting from love.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how you can explore and investigate how to balance your adaptability and productivity.


  • What do you do to keep your love and benefit for others alive in your activities?
  • How do you balance your fear and your love in your way of being adaptable and productive?
  • When do you know, sense, or feel that you have overused your ability to achieve, create, produce, build, start and to be efficient and accomplish?




Your weekly quote



Achievement from our heart will always stand out from the achievements from our fear.




Your weekly recommended reading


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