#063 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Originality and Emotionality

Profound personal connection creates Meaning and Purpose


Weekly Question - Originality - Flemming Christensen

We find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our originality, authenticity, emotionality, and our deep inner connection with ourselves.


Inner work might be the work of connecting with the deeper and true parts of ourselves. But what is it we connect with and who is connecting with what? It can sound spiritual, but it does not have to be. When we do therapy, coaching, couples counseling or trauma work, we will also visit some of the deeper parts of us to understand, accept, and transform our behavior and sometimes our lives.


When I sit in my morning meditation, I feel connected to something more authentic and original about myself and everything around me. When I write, sometimes, I don’t know how these words actually came out of my fingers, but when I look at my writing, these letters and sentences express something deeper in me or something essential of me. That can also happen when I talk with friends, in coaching, or in teaching, and I enjoy speaking some sort of truth that is not mine alone.


It is like I see the beauty around me and connect with that beauty, creating or manifesting beautiful meetings with people, beautiful moments when I walk in the forest or beautiful situations when I hug my son or my dad. There must be several meanings for beauty, and beauty might express itself in so many ways, dimensions, and layers.


I also know that I seek this beauty too hard, and that happens mostly in conversation with strangers at receptions, dinners, parties or other social gatherings where I am expected to talk with strangers. Then I like to start deep, profound, and with “real” questions like “So what do you long for the most these days?”, “Do you have dreams that, due to your age or condition, will not be fulfilled in this life?” or “What loss in your life do you appreciate the most?”.


Such entries to the more personal spaces can be overwhelming for some people, and for those who join in those conversations, we have the best and, longest, and most memorable conversation of all time. And I know I also scare people away who might have wanted to connect but were overwhelmed…


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how to create a healthy balance of navigating those deep, original, and profound spaces without losing the beauty of relationships.


  • What do you do to remain in your space of originality and authenticity?
  • How do you know when you have overdone your specialness, uniqueness, and oddness?
  • When do you return to being in a relationship with others on the conditions of both your needs and the needs of others?




Your weekly quote



Life is too short to be ordinary – Coco Chanel




Your weekly recommended reading


Do you identify with sadness?


Read about the problem of Spinoza

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