#065 – The Practice of the Quiet Mind

Practicing your mind has no purpose or goal


Question of the week - Quiet Mind - Flemming ChristensenWhen we practice quiet mind, it is a practice that will help us to connect with our quiet mind in times of somatic, emotional and cognitive pressure and imbalance. The practice is to help us regain balance and with our practice, we will have a sense of what it is we want to regain or the state we want to return to.


The quiet mind can not be achieved or obtained. It is not a goal or a destination. We will never know when we have arrived or when we are done. The quiet mind is a pointer or direction pointed by our teachers. Even if we don’t know what the quiet mind is, we still practice the quiet mind.


Some guidance is needed, and a teacher is needed. But we can also engage in the practice with a pure heart of not wanting or not doing. When we practice without wanting a specific outcome or result and when we practice without being caught up in evaluating our doing as right or wrong, we are practicing the path of our quiet mind. The guide and the teacher will help to clarify and to  sort or ideas, but they will still point us in a direction and not tell us how to go there.


If you want to find yourself you have to forget yourself. Forgetting youself, is letting go of the idea of you, your ego and your personality. When your mind is quiet, your ideas are calmer as seeing through the surface of a pond discovering the life in the water, that you did not notice before. You might not see everything execalty as they are in the water, but you understand the idea about being calm to see more.


A quiet mind can be an empty mind. Your empty mind is the ever changing creating of life including your thoughts and mental patterns. Your thoughts and mental patterns are being repeated and become something typical of you and your empty mind have the awareness of those repetitive patterns that are so typical you.


Your empty mind is not empty like a lake being without water and therefore looks empty compared to when it was filled with water. Your empty mind is what is both the water and not the water of the lake. It is what is there without the judgement or intellectual arguing about if a lake can be a lake if there is not water in it anymore.


Your practice of quiet mind is to understand your own emptiness. That your emptiness is both the water in the lake and the not water of the lake that is not here anymore. To quiet your mind is to expand your mind, going small ego mind to Big mind and to go beynd Big mind.


To practice is to forget you and to stay with everything that is there when you are forgotten.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how to explore and get curious about your quiet mind without being intellectual about it.


  • How will you practice a quiet mind in a practical and experimental manner without getting intellectual?
  • What happens when you sit quiet enough to witness your thinking patterns and without judging if you are doing the right thing or not?
  • What time and place would be helpful for you when you want to practice a quiet mind?




Your weekly quote



A quiet mind is an empty mind, aware of repetitive patterns and the ever-changing nature of thoughts.




Your weekly recommended reading


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