#037 – Do you connect with your somatic, emotional and rational intuition?

Walking the path of intuition


Question of the week - Intuition - Flemming ChristensenNormally we relate “intuition” with gut feeling or with a connection with our body or sensations. But intuition is both experienced in your body, emotions and thoughts.


Intuition is about contemplation, looking within, observing neutrally or getting in contact with. Most of us also connect it to an understanding, perspective, wisdom or explanation.


If you use your bodily, emotional or rational intuition, you often make sense of something, understand something or decide something. Our intuition makes us wiser and better at responding appropriately to situations.


But how do you connect with your different kinds of intuition, and how do you practice that connection or ability?


Your body, gut, somatic or sensory intuition is guiding you to avoid something or someone, to embarge on a journey or relationship and is more like a yes or no aspect of your way of acting. The source can very well be emotional or based on experience, but you will have a sensation of yes or no related to it. When mastering your somatic intuition, you read situations, energy and moods correctly.


Your heart, emotional or feeling intuition is guiding you to navigate professional and personal relationships. It will connect you with your values, your self-image and your degree of feeling recognized. When mastering your emotional intuition, you have a correct image of yourself, you are transparent and you build, maintain and end relationships for the right reason.


Your head, rational, logic or cognitive intuition is guiding you to be aware of the obstacles on your path and how to avoid them. It will connect you with your inner wisdom, clear sight, objectivity, and ability to speak the truth. When mastering your rational intuition, you see things clearly and make decisions based on informed analyses.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how you use different kinds of intuition and how you practice your mastery.


  • How would you know if you have more mastery in somatic, emotional or rational intuition?
  • How have you used these different kinds of intuitions prior in your life?
  • How do you practice to keep your intuition at a mastery level?



Your weekly quote


To master intuition is to be fluent in the languages of the body, heart, and mind. It is a discipline of knowing when to trust a sensation, follow an emotion, or to be guided by a rational insight.



Your weekly recommended reading


In the book “In search of the Miraculous” Ouspensky refers to the way Gurdjieff viewed the three centers. Read more here.


In the book “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters”, you can read more about how all nine types in the Enneagram is using the three centers.

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