#044 – Are you aware of your emotional disconnect with other people?

Disconnecting might give you some time to think, but…


Question of the week - The Power of Disconnecting - Flemming ChristensenDisconnecting from others or the situation can be a way of preserving energy and giving yourself the time to orient yourself.


(Your blind Enneagram Type can disconnect you from your smartness)


You can also disconnect from yourself, and for a short period of time, that can be useful, too.


But disconnecting from others or yourself for a longer period of time is proven to be not healthy, both for your physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Several studies document the need for connection, especially in the later part of your life. Entering, remaining, and ending personal and professional relationships is an important skill to stay healthy and to experience a sense of meaning and purpose in life.


On the positive side, “Disconnecting” for a shorter period of time can give you time to focus and concentrate, you can move away from the problem and not let emotions impact your decisions. It can also give you distance from the situation and give you a better view of what is going on, and it can protect you from pain and sorrow when that is needed.


Some examples of more positive uses of disconnecting might be in science and judicial and legal decisions, where emotions can impact the result of the science and, in the worst case, create fake results, and in legal decisions, different people could be judged differently for the same legal issue.


On the negative side, “Disconnecting” could be about not being able to build friendships, care about others when that is needed, harmful leadership behavior, or use of power and selfneglect.


Examples of the negative aspects could be any kind of colonialism where a regime could justify the oppression of others by the mindset of imperialism. Any kind of neglect and lack of responsibility caused by pollution by nature and any harmful treatment of other people, especially when people are turned into a product or resource.


Your weekly question


Disconnection from a situation can be a useful strategy when things are overwhelming, but the damage to our health and relationship can be serious if the disconnect goes on for too long. This week’s question is about how you use your passivity with presence and care.


  • How do you master entering, cultivating, and ending relationships in a healthy way?
  • Do you know how to disconnect in healthy ways?
  • How do you react when someone emotionally disconnects from you? What are your triggers and reactions?




Your weekly quote


Emotional detachment for a dedicated amount of time is not about withholding love but about mastering the courage to let peace settle in your heart.




Your weekly recommended reading


Marion Gilbert on radical inclusion and how to stay connected

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