#055 – Finding the Meaning and Purpose in your Physical Power and Vitality

Vitality and your Life Force creates Meaning and Purpose


Question of the week - Somatic Leadership - Flemming ChristensenWe find meaning and purpose in different ways, and one of the ways is our physical power and vitality.


When we use our somatic energy, our power, vitality, and inhabited force, we both feel accomplished while also feeling alive. I tend to feel more content after doing physical exercises It can be tiresome during, but after I feel more alive and a sense of meaning and purpose fills my being.


I also feel more playful, and when I am with my boys, the energy of our physical power brings me joy. Activities bring me joy and, especially when they are accompanied by energy or vitality and physical engagement.


In the periods of my life when I do physical exercises more regularly and also eat more healthily. For me, the rule is, if I want to eat more healthily, then I just have to start exercising more. One brings the other.


My physical power and vitality also bring me in closer contact with my anger and, with that, my boundaries. I know how to create healthy boundaries when I have a healthy contact or relationship with my body, and when not, my anger is more explosive and without a relationship to myself and others.


Everything is about building a healthy balance between opposite energy or forces, and too much physical power and vitality can be overwhelming for others and might even become destructive and harmful. But what is the third force that keeps the balance for you?


To not be too powerful and overwhelm others with my energy and not too withdrawn and observant, I need to do both my daily meditations and my daily physical exercises.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how you can explore and investigate how to balance your energy and vitality.



  • What do you do to keep your energy and vitality alive on a daily basis?
  • How do you balance your energy and vitality so you do not overwhelm others?
  • When do you know, sense, or feel that you have overused your energy and vitality?




Your weekly quote



Connect with your inner power and vitality to create healthy boundaries for yourself and those who do not have the courage.




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