#041 – Are you aware of your dominating energy?

Do you know the difference between “power over” and “empowerment”?


Question of the week - Dominating Enegry - Flemming ChistensenExpressing your dominating energy, whether done consciously or subconsciously, is an inherent part of our human nature.


It is an emotional structure or pattern that lets other people know your boundaries and is an expression of your autonomy.


On the positive side, “Domination” can help us in our personal leadership and state of decision-making. When expressed in personal relationships and deep trust with other people, we build respect and honor towards a clear statement of boundaries. Your dominating energy is also related to passion, courage, resilience, and creating an atmosphere of dynamism and straightforwardness.


Examples of good autonomy could be Nelson Mandela’s role in the transformation from apartheid to democracy and Marie Curie, who stood up for her research when researching and discovering the nature of radiation.


On the negative side, “Domination” is about dominating others, using assertive and often aggressive energy to make others understand that you have power over other people. The opposite of “power over” is “empowering” and installing courage and trust in another person.


Examples of negative expression of power over other people could be any dictator gaining benefits on behalf of the country’s citizens and any person in a power position misusing this power to mistreat patients, children etc.


Your weekly question


When expressing your dominating energy, one of the main determinators for turning to the good side or the bad side will be your capability to remain in a trusting and healthy relationship with the people around you. This week’s question is about the timing of your dominating energy.


  • How are you conscious about your dominating energy?
  • Do you use your dominating energy towards yourself in a destructive way?
  • How do you act, when others are expressing their dominating energy towards you?




Your weekly quote


Power can corrupt people, but people can also corrupt power. When in a trusting and healthy relationship with others power can shift from “power over” into “empowerment.




Your weekly recommended reading


Read the book about Waking up and finding your path.


When we understand the biology of our emotions, we will accelerate our personal growth.

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