#038 – Transformations, going from something to something

What did you have to leave behind?


Question of the week - Transformation - Flemming ChristensenWhen we undergo personal development, we undergo a transformation, where parts of us are changing form, shape, content, meaning, impact, gestalt etc.


You will typically transform your identity, mindset, values, assumptions, behaviors, and personal narratives and narratives about others.


A transformation is also an action where you are moving away from something and moving towards something. You will leave something behind, and you will let go of something to obtain something.


Often, conflicts (inner as outer) occur when we are moving away from one stage in our lives into a new stage and want to bring some of our identity, mindset, values, assumptions, behaviors and, personal narratives and narratives about others from the earlier stage.


You can live a particular life as single, but when you enter a relationship, you often need to let go of some of the ways you have lived your life as single. That transformation can create a conflict, where you want to keep certain elements of your life in your new way of life.


Personal growth is also to let go of certain elements of our lives that we can not or should not bring forward into the new parts of our lives.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how transformations in your life ask for leaving parts of your behind or letting go of what is not needed anymore:


  • What have you already let go of in your personal transformations?
  • What do you imagine that would be necessary to let go of in your life to move forward?
  • How do you handle transformations in general?



Your weekly quote


Personal growth is the art of selective shedding and leaving something behind, knowing which parts of our past serve our future and what to be left behind.




Your weekly recommended reading


James Flaherty is writing about creating change and transformations. Click here to read more about his book.


Listen to the Enneagram Insights Podcast where Russ Hudson explain what it is that is being developed when undergoing personal devlopment.

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