#035 – Do you know the difference between a great and a genius idea?

Do you uninvited share your experience with others?


Question of the week - Do you know when to share your experience - Flemming ChristensenWhen I was in my early 20ies, my mentor would like me to understand that there is a difference between a great and a genius idea.


He explained that the patent of the fountain pen, where you have a small container of ink in your pocket, did not grow into a success immediately. People did not want to wear ink in them, as they had been used to dipping their pens in a small bottle of ink, and everybody knew how quickly your dress would be ruined by ink.


So my mentor explained to me that the difference between a great and a genius idea is if people want to buy your product or not!


This concept has followed me for many years of my life, where I mostly offered services, training, consulting, and coaching if people would buy it from me.


I did not see it as my mission to explain how self-awareness could benefit your life, how empathy could build better relationships in our professional and personal life, or how presence could support your learning and development.


If people were ready, that I was too.


But in my later years, I have the sense that I could offer some perspective on why self-awareness, relationships, and presence could support – especially young adults – to build a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.


Still, I do this by writing about it, and when I am invited to speak at conferences etc.


But is it our role or job to share our experience with others, or should we only do it, when they are ready?


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how to share your experience. Here are some questions for you:


  • When would you uninvited share your experience with others – and who would those others likely be?
  • When would we know when others are ready for us to share our experience – and should it only happen on request?
  • How have you reacted when others uninvited have shared their experience with you?



Your weekly quote


Our experience is what we co-create with the world, and when we share our experiences, new co-creating can happen.




Your weekly recommended reading


How do you build a language about personal development to share with others? Listen to Patrick O’Leary


Let Hans Rosling inspire to about what experience could be very important to share with others

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