#049 – Happy New Year – Finding the Meaning and Purpose Not in Your Future but in Your Past

Happy New Year


Question of the week - Happy New Year - Flemming ChristensenIt is the first day of the new year, according to the Gregorian calendar, and is celebrated around the globe. But even if you are following another calendar, you probably know your traditions for the celebration of a new year to come.


(Let your wishes for the New Year come from your understanding of your blind Enneagram Type)


It is a day and night where we leave something behind to give space for something new.


In Denmark, we have the tradition of making wishes or self-promises for the new year. New memberships in the local fitness club are booming at the beginning of the new year, and many self-promises about “doing more of” or “stop doing” are proclaimed.


Whatever tradition you might have, it is serving you in getting a better and more meaningful and purposeful life.


But meaning and purpose are not created by looking into the future but by exploring events in your past. If you, like me, have lived for more than 60 years, there are a substantial number of moments in my past where I have felt a deep sense of meaning and purpose. But even at younger ages, people have had several lovely moments worth exploring.


If you make a list of your most precious moments in life and create a detailed description of the nature of the moment, as in who was present, what did you or others do, what time of the day, where on the world, and how did you actively create the foundation for this moment to happen. Then, you will create the very nature or structure for what is meaningful and purposeful to you.


If you might be able to add how this moment supported, guided, mentored, helped or created value for others, then you add some of the aspects that create meaning and purpose for most us.


After creating this list of 5 to 10 moments and creating your detailed description, you will have a more precise description of how you want to arrange your future.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how you can explore and investigate your past moments of meaning and purpose to understand the nature of what brings your meaning and purpose.


  • What is meaningful and purposeful to you after working with your list of past moments?
  • What positive energy or motion is hidden in these past moments for you?
  • What do you probably have to set free in your life to get more of the meaning and purpose you long for?




Your weekly quote



The New Year is an invitation to promise change and meaningful tomorrows. And to remember the beauty of the purposeful yesterdays.




Your weekly recommended reading


The Enneagram can unite us – Deborah Egerton


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