#026 – What is success to you?

When success is a personal matter


Success is about succeeding in something, and you can succeed in something planned and longed for, or you can succeed without even knowing it.


I travel around the world teaching leadership, teamwork, and personal growth, and mostly I know when I have succeded in my teaching or presentation. But sometimes people share with me, that a teaching I made last week or last year has changed their lives in a positive way. And I had no idea!


Earlier, when I thought about succeeding, it was mostly concerning activities, that I have planned and engaged in with all my resources.


Nowadays succeeding is more about the idea of creating values for others together with others. That also needs all my focus and attention, but I am not doing it because I want to succeed.


My understanding of success has changed, and I guess it will change again and again.


So for you, what is success?


It is about your achievements, your projects, your activities?


Or is it about your relationships, your connection, your community?


Or is it about your being, your presence, your self-awareness?


And what do you actually do in your life, to foster that success in your life? Can you become successful without activities? Is it possible without community? And can you succeed without presence?


And if you should guide young adult age 15-28 about succeeding, what would you suggest? And what about the age 19-24, or 25-32 etc.? Would you recommend differently depending on where people are in their lives?


And what about your selves?


Do you imagine that your understanding of success will change during the rest of your life?


And in what way?


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about success and the meaning of success to you. Here are some questions for you:


  • What is success to you?
  • What do you do to foster success in your life today?
  • Is success different for different age groups?
  • What will success mean to you at different times of your life?



Your weekly quote


As you navigate life, your understanding of success changes and evolves while shaping your path and community



Your weekly recommended reading


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