#027 – Are you aware of the differences between projects and passion?

Winning projects and lifegiving passions


When you engage in a project, you will normally have a start date, a goal, some resources, a strategy, and a plan. You might also have an end date and a structure to analyze if you are on track toward your goal.


The goal is often digital, meaning whether you reached the goal or not. In some situations, the goal can change during the project without damaging the result.


Goals related to projects are often connected to results, outcomes or benefits.


When you engage in a passion, you often don’t really know why you are doing it, and it can be difficult to explain to others, why you are doing it and what will be the result. If people are asking you about your goal, it can be destructive as a goal often ruins the process of a passion.


In a way projects are easy, you just need a realistic plan and the right resources and the courage to adjust strategy.


When engaging in a passion, you find difficulties, hindrances, and obstacles. It is closer to the Hero’s Journey, where you need “a friend” to overcome the difficulties, hindrances, and obstacles.


Passions need discipline and a kick of courage from “a friend”. Where projects need a clear goal and a realistic plan.


When I teach entrepreneurship, I often spend a good amount of time talking about these differences between projects and passions and reminding students that often we need projects to support our passion. Also, I invite students not to mix projects and passion, as it seems like you will engage in an unclear project and at the same time a passion without courage.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about your projects and passions. Here are some questions for you:


  • What projects do you have in your life, that are supporting your passions?
  • What passions do you have to support your life?
  • Who is that friend that will give you a kick of courage?



Your weekly quote


Projects and passions nurture each other in their differentness, creating meaning and purpose in our lives.




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