#028 – Do you know the formula for building a sense of meaning in life?

What is making creating meaning in your life?


Question of the week - Buildingg a sense of meaning - Flemming ChristensenI guess that my whole adult life has been about finding the formula for building a sense of meaning in life. And I want to share with you the current formula that I am working on.


Building a sense of meaning in life seems to include doing something for other people so that they experience some sort of value in their lives. You can call it making a contribution, doing something meaningful for others, or just connecting with the feeling of using yourself in a meaningful way.


The sense of meaning also comes from using you, your skills, your talents, and your capacities and you could say letting you and your talents be used for the benefit of others.


My current formula includes therefore you doing something meaningful for others so that they are capable of obtaining or discovering a sense of benefit or value.


So the formula goes like this:


I do …(this)… to …(these people)… so they can do …(this)… and obtain …(that)…


In my own life, this formula could go like this:


I share my experience and knowledge about creating a sense of meaning in life, with everyone who wants to attend my workshops or training, listen to my podcast, or read my blogs, so that they can receive ideas, skills, insights, and tools and obtain a clear direction in life, strong communities and healthy relationships.




I give free training and communities to everyone between 15 and 30 years old, so that can build a strong sense of self-awareness and presence in life and obtain a clear direction in life, strong communities, and healthy relationships.


I have several versions of my formula, and I guess that you have too.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how you create and build a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. Here are some questions for you:


  • Do you have your own formula for creating a sense of meaning in your life?
  • And if you have a formula, do you want to share it?
  • Are you searching for a formula, or do you want meaning and purpose to arrive more spontaneously?



Your weekly quote


To discover your formula for meaning and purpose, question how your actions enable others to discover value in their lives.




Your weekly recommended reading


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Interested in the book by Victor Frankl about searching for meaning?

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