#047 – Are you aware of your pragmatic shaping of the truth?

Why not fake it until you make it?


Question of the week - PragmatismWhy work hard when you can work smart? Why not fake it until you make it? And why not shape the truth to make others understand you better?


(Understand how your blind Enneagram Type cover for a winning mindset)


Most athletes know how to fake it until they make it, and do so when imagining the victory before starting out on their competition. And even if you know that being among the best will need some hard work, why not find methods or techniques that are even more efficient? Trimming yourself for winning and trimming your narratives for success might be a healthy and sustainable solution – but only if you are aware of it!


If you are not aware of it, you might believe in your pragmatic narratives and successes, even if your achievements or stories are not even close to the truth.


On the positive side, “Pragmatism” can help you solve problems faster, become a fast learner, adapt faster, and build a mindset for winning. During wars, we have seen kings, queens, presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers solving difficult situations by having a pragmatic approach towards governance and leadership. We also see several receivers of the Novel Price approaching science with pragmatism, creating new vaccines, health practices, and treatments.


The negative side of “Pragmatism” might be having a short-term focus, compromising on values and essential principles, neglecting the truth and reality, and underestimating complexity and effort. Scandals around the world in the field of medicine have both created suffering and death in patients and damaged the trust in science. Among the known cases is Elisabeth Holmes, owner of the company Theranos, who claimed to be able to offer better and cheaper blood testing solutions but created instead harm to patients receiving wrong blood test results. Genetic manipulation of humans has also been condemned by the global scientific community for being unethical, premature, and unsafe.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about how you use your pragmatism in a conscious and wise way.


  • How do you ensure that you are telling the truth and navigating in reality when achieving your wins?
  • How can you in a positive way integrate more pragmatism in your life?
  • How do you react when someone else’s overly pragmatic and might create harm to their own and other’s life?




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We must adapt our minds and hearts today to build what is needed for tomorrow.




Your weekly recommended reading


Read about the Don Riso Challenge and how to understand each type in the Enneagram


Read one of the several books about a more pragmatic approach to life

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