#036 – Have you heard about third-generation coaching?

Co-create the solution and the path to walk


Question of the week - Third Generation Coaching - Flemming ChristensenThird-generation coaching is the co-creation of a longing to initiate. The co-creation is often between the coach and the focus person, the longing is often like an awakening, urge, or spark and the initiation is often about embarking on a journey of finetuning and the development of personal skills, awareness or presence.


When you co-create, you are part of the solution or outcome, and traditional coaching is often about not presenting any solutions as the main idea is that the focus person has all the answers him/herself and just needs coaching to find the answers or solutions to a situation.


But if we try to solve problems at the same levels as they are created, we will only run in circles, and the coaching will go on for months and years just to end almost where it started.


If we look at the Enneagram, we find the “levels” created by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, and those levels can help us understand why we can not solve a problem at the same level as it is created.


Each level also explains how strongly we identify with our personality (or in this case, our Enneagram type), and the stronger we are identified, the harder it is to be creative, realistic, relational, neutral observant etc. which are great resources for finding a solution on a problem.


Using the Enneagram in coaching is an invitation to help the focus person move up the levels and build a broader perspective on both the problem and the solution, but we can not create those perspectives alone. We need a “friend” or in this case, a coach.



Your weekly question


This week’s question is about who might be able to help you (it could be a professional coach or a friend) to build a more flexible perspective on your problems and, thereby, also your solution? Here are some questions for you:


  • Who can help you build a more flexible, creative, curious, and attentive perspective on your problems, issues, or wishes?
  • What can you do to find and engage this person?
  • How can you become that person for people you care about?



Your weekly quote


Co-creation transforms coaching into both finding the path and walking the path together, even if there is only one person to embark on the walking.




Your weekly recommended reading


Integral coaching and third-generation coaching have similarities. Russ Hudson and James Flaherty are talking about their new workshop.


Read the coaching book using the Enneagram for coaching.

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