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Enneagram Insights podcast

Welcome to this first episode of our International podcast about the Enneagram. We want to bring you great interviews with remarkable people to discuss how the Enneagram can be both a key and a gate into deeper presence and awareness and into strong and healthy relationships.

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The “Enneagram Insights Podcast – on Awareness, Presence and Relationships” was launched in April of 2023.


It is a podcast for everyone who is interested in the Enneagram and wants to live a life with Presence and Awareness in a deep and thriving relationship with oneself and others.


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In the Enneagram Insights podcast, we will also explore the power of your bind type, the merge of the original teachers with modern psychology, current Enneagram masters take on the Enneagram, and the practical integration of the wisdom of the Enneagram in your daily life.




International Enneagram Experts

Typically the Enneagram is seen as a model of 9 different styles or profiles, each describing different patterns expressed in your actions, emotions and thoughts.


Each Enneagram type contains different characteristics about how you distract yourself from important things in life, how you can balance your personal skills and “superpowers”, how other types are triggering you etc.


The Enneagram is both used as a practice for self-awareness and a guide for further development. The use of the Enneagram can be found in professional and personal settings like leadership training, team development, coaching etc.


In this podcast, we will explore the area of waking up and living a life with Awareness and Presence.


At the moment of launching, we have been interviewing Enneagram Experts like Russ Hudson, Khaled Elsherbini and Deborah Ooten and the interviews can be found in the podcast using this link (click here to listen to the podcast)


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Flemming Christensen is the host

of Enneagram Insights Podcast

The founder and host of the Enneagram Insights podcast is the Enneagram author, teacher and Zen-buddhist Flemming Christensen.


Flemming’s primary type is type 3, with a self-preservation instinct.


And part of the production team is the cohost, writer and psychology curious Charlotte Haase (type 2, sexual instinct).


Enneagram Insights podcast Flemming Christensen
The host of the “Enneagram Insights Podcast” is Flemming Christensen. And sometimes, journalist Charlotte Heje Haase will conduct the interviews.

Even though the podcast is based in Denmark, the language in the podcast is English in order to talk to as many interesting Enneagram Entusiasts and Experts worldwide.

Read more about Flemming Christensen here


An international platform


Flemming Christensen has a popular Danish podcast, Enneagrammet Next Level. But he also would like to offer a podcast for people who do not understand Danish.


We talk about ourselves in this first episode.


The intention of the “Enneagram Insights podcast” and this website is to offer a platform for conversations about Awareness, Presence, and Relationships.


The podcast will answer listeners’ questions and host selected Enneagram teachers and practitioners worldwide.


Different countries – different Enneagram topics and approaches


In the first episode, Flemming Christensen and Charlotte Haase discuss why it is important to look at the world and other practitioner’s and cultures’ approaches to the Enneagram.


Flemming Christensen has attended training and conferences worldwide and finds it interesting to look into where we people are the same but also where we differ.


For example, he tells how it is more natural to talk about God in the Enneagram studies in the Middle East than in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland).


He finds that liberating when teaching in Egypt / Cairo or the United Arab Emirates / Dubai.


On the other hand, the world has welcomed something in the Scandinavian approach. In Denmark, we don’t have a hierarchy between students and teachers, students are invited to challenge the teacher’s knowledge and experience and collaboration / group work is an intense part of the teaching form.


The Enneagram or Awareness first?


In this episode, Flemming Christensen also talks of a teacher from Cairo who was surprised that Flemming taught the Enneagram before teaching awareness and self-insight.


In his eyes, that was important before teaching the Enneagram.


Whereas Flemming, as part of his Western training, saw awareness and self-insight as something that could be sparked by the knowledge of the types.


It made him rethink the approach.


This podcast will be hosting conversations just like that.


We will explore what the Enneagram has taught us about being human and how to live a life with Awareness, Presence and greater Relationships.


The Enneagram Insights podcast on Spotify


Enjoy the Enneagram Insights podcast


Flemming Christensen Ennegram Insights podcast
Charlotte Haase and Flemming Christensen recorded the first episode on Enneagram Insights Podcast on Riverside.fm.

We hope you´ll enjoy the podcast.

And that you will follow, rate and review “Enneagram Insights Podcast”.

You´re always welcome to write to us if you have a guest in mind who has an interesting approach to greater Awareness, Presence and Relationships through the use of the Enneagram.

The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and your favorite podcast hosts.

If you want to guest on the podcast or suggest topics, then you can contact us in this Facebook Group: Flemming Christensen.com 

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