Interview by Rezzan Huseyin about the new book

The Practical Enneagram by Rezzan Huseyin

This interview with Rezzan Huseyin evolved into an interesting conversation, being more a conversation between to Enneagram-enthusiasts, than a formal interview. Based on a new book, “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters” we talked about “blind Enneagram types” and how being blind in one type and not another, shapes our assumptions for us. If you are blind in Type 1 and your partner is blind in Type 5, that would give you a particular dynamic in your relationship.


Other interviews by Rezzan Huseyin

Others have been in “the chair” giving interviews guided by Rezzan Huseyin like Russ Hudson, Deborah Ooten, Nataliia Bolshakova, Frederik Coene, Mario Sikora, Khaled ElSherbini, and several other experts in their field. You can find Rezzan’s complete description of the episode on her podcast. (Click here to go to the episode)

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