#023 -Who is helping, supporting and showing up for you?

No one can create success alone


Question of the week - No one can create success alone - Flemming ChristensenWe can not do everything ourselves, even if we think we can ❤. Everyone needs help, support, and someone who shows up for us. We need it because we need to understand the importance of true relationships, friendship, and families. We need to experience that state, feeling, sensation, and mind when we are feeling taken care of.


If we go through life thinking that we can do it all by ourselves, we are missing important elements of being a resourceful human being. Almost everything we talk about would be somewhat true, but not all the way.


If I say that I love my partner, it would only be somewhat true, if I do not let my partner help and support me.


If I say that I have a great friendship, but do not show them that I need their help and support once in a while, then the idea of a great friendship is only partly true.


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And if I say that I care about people around me but never would let anyone help and support me, that care would probably be more about obligation or polishing my self-image.


Being kind to others, giving others attention with presence and curiosity, and bringing out the best in others do only work if we also allow others to be there for us.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about receiving and asking for support and help.


  • So what stops you from asking for help and support?
  • What is preventing you from showing people who really care about you that you are in need of attention?
  • And why are you taking away the opportunity for others to be there for you when you need them the most?


Your weekly quote


Resourcefulness is not only about achieving but also to recognize the value of interconnectedness.


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