#022 – What is the smallest step you can take to create a lasting change in your life?

Every step you take brings you forward


Question of the week - Every step you take brings you forward - Flemming ChristensenChange can be difficult, and sometimes we might wonder, “Why do all this work?”, “Why work so hard to change?” or “Is what is here not good enough?”.


Sometimes change is absolutely needed, and it is so obvious that we can not avoid it. That happens during times of pressure, stress, and illness, where we have to change the way we act, see ourselves, and communicate with others.


And other times, we know that a change of habits would be necessary in a longer perspective, and in my experience, we change and build new skills when times are resourceful for the times when we are not so resourceful.


(listen to the episode on the podcast Enneagram Insights Podcast where Deborah Egerton talks about the change we need in society)


To build new skills and to change habits, we need to take the smallest step possible, so we can take that step every day and several times a day. It is like building up a routine for exercising, where one small step could be getting up a little earlier up in the morning, putting your running shoes ready, or just taking a 10 minutes walk. Normally, we do not succeed if we take steps that are larger than our current capacity.


Of course, your personality style could drive you to make changes, but often those changes do not stay. The incremental smaller changes stay, and you will have the feeling that you are actually changing into a better lifestyle, becoming more healthy and closer to something that is more “you”.


Your weekly question


This week’s question is about the smallest step to take, why you do it and why you don’t.


  • What are the smallest steps you are taking every day and several times a day?
  • How do you notice your improvements by your small steps?
  • Why is your witness to your improvements?




Your weekly quote


When cultivating change, your rate of success is higher when making small measurable changes in your body and mind every day and several times a day.




Your weekly recommended reading


When reading Zen Mind, Beginners Mind you will explore the power of small daily changes

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