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Feedback and experiences from more than 440 students are now included in the training program. Understanding your blind Enneagram type can become a new path to building new skills using the Enneagram.

Video about how to find your blind Enneagram type

This is the second video in my mini-series about the new workshop based on the book “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters”. If you have not watched the first video, then click here (click to watch the first video). The purpose of the small videos is to give you an idea about why it matters to work with your blind Enneagram, and this video will explain the nature of a blind Enneagram type, how to find it, and how to work with your blind Enneagram type.


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What is the blind Enneagram type?

This Enneagram video will help you understand the perspective of your blind Enneagram type. The blind Enneagram type is a collection of patterns that you do not have access to and might have been neglected by you.


People around you can often see your blind type because you will have some kind of reaction to patterns from your blind type. If you are blind to Enneagram Type 5, you might not like when things become rational, objective and free of emotions and relations. If you are blind to Enneagram Type 8, you might not like when things become energetic, powerful, and direct. Evolving on your blind Type 5 could help you understand new perspectives better, and evolving in your blind Type 8 could help you stand tall in your own power.

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