Enneagram video 1 / 3 about the power of your blind Enneagram type

Understanding your blind Enneagram type will bring you a deeper understanding of people around you who is having your blind type as their primary type. The series of three Enneagram videos will guide you to a deeper understanding of the power of your blind Enneagram type.

Enneagram video explaining the power of your blind type

This is the first Enneagram video in my mini-series about the new workshop based on the book “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters”. The mini-series aims to provide insight into why this training is groundbreaking, how you will gain new perspectives on the Enneagram itself, and how you can use your experience with primary and blind Enneagram types in your coaching role, trainer, leader, etc.


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Enneagram types explained

When working with your blind Enneagram type, it is important to understand to basic aspects of your primary Enneagram type. That’s why the online training includes essential elements from my “Enneagram Typing Program”, covering topics like triggers, assumptions, and acceptance.


Each of the nine Enneagram types has its triggers, behavior by others that trigger negative emotions. We all have triggers from all nine types, but we are especially sensitive to triggers from our primary Enneagram type.


Another important perspective from your primary type is your assumptions. Type 1 might assume that it is important to be strict with oneself, and if not, something negative will happen. Type 2 might assume that it is important to be helping or supporting others, and if not, something negative will happen.


Both the triggers and the assumptions are essential to understanding your own type and others, and the next part about the acceptance of your patterns might be the most difficult part. I relate to Enneagram Type 3, and it has been hard to accept that I have spent most of my life working instead of being close to the people I love. It is easier for me to relax while writing a new blog post than to hang out and chat about everyday life.


That is why I have included a profound explanation of the nine Enneagram types both in the new book and in the training program.


The new Enneagram book

Enneagram video about the power of your blind Enneagram typeThe training is based on my new book, “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters”. You will learn to build a more precise understanding of your primary Enneagram type, and you will build new keys to open up new aspects of your primary type.


The book is based on a training program I hosted during the lockdown of covid-19. More than 400 students were learning about the qualities of the nine points (and not the types) of the Enneagram, and some student had strong reactions toward some of the nine points. Later we found that the strong reaction looked like an aversion or frustration similar to your shadows. That was the starting point to build a new language around your blind Enneagram type (click here to read more about the new book).


Enneagram and the power of your blind type on Instagram

You can also find more inspirations about the new book and training on Instagram (click here to read about “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters” on Instagram).


Learning community on Facebook

If you are interested in becoming part of the community around the new book and the training, then I have created a group on Facebook (click here to get access to the learning community on Facebook)


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