#020 – Let go and create space for something new

Let go of your attachments and identification


Question of the week - Let go of your attachments and identification - Flemming ChristensenSometimes when we let go, the space for something new is created. But what does it mean to let go, and what is it we are letting go of?


Sometimes we let go of the attachment to an idea, and when we do that often, we also forgive ourselves and others. For me, forgiveness is essentially to set others free, and in the process, we are also freeing ourselves.


When we are letting go of ideas, it could be to make peace with different ways of thinking, but it could also be because we are letting go of old and not-so-useful ideas to include other, newer, and more useful ones.


As a teacher, we have to let go of our own ideas all the time to stay open and curious about questions. The same goes for parents, leaders and lovers.


(listen to the interview with Deborah Ooten on the Enneagram Insights Podcast about letting go of your attachments)


Other times we let go of the attachment to an emotion. Emotions are often passions, pains or sorrow that we have inflicted on ourselves, but not really understanding that it is harming us.


I have always wanted to be the one fixing problems for everyone around me and did develop a very pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach towards conflicts. Not realizing that I forgot the wisdom in my frustration, anger, and sorrow while solving others’ or our mutual conflicts.


And again, other times, we have to let go of certain sensations or somatic patterns, and when we do that, our health improves, we regain our vitality, and suddenly things are easier than before.


Letting go is not just a decision, and then everything is brighter, freer, and easier. Letting go is a process, like sorrow or sadness over big losses is a process. Often we need others to be our witnesses in the process, not coaches, just witnesses.


Your weekly question

This week’s question is about letting go of ideas and self-images.


  • What assumptions are holding you back and preventing you from doing what you love?
  • How can you forget your wisdom, when you are triggered and how can you use the triggers to stay open and curious?
  • What self-images are you attached to and have a hard time letting go of?






Your weekly quote


Letting go is the act of creating inner mental and emotional space for what is more nourishing for you and the people you love





Your weekly recommended reading


This book by A. H. Almaas is also about how to let go of the part of your self no longer so useful


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