Where did the ”fathers of the Enneagram” get their experience from?

Where did they learn it - video - Flemming Christensen and Russ Hudson

Watch this video about the origin of the teachings for Gurdjieff and Oscar and thereby also the origin of the teaching most Enneagram enthusiasts have received. This video is part of a year long program called “Conversation with my teacher”, where I ask Russ Hudson to explain topics not so commonly known by Enneagram students. The main description for this workshop is:

Where did Gurdjieff and Oscar get their experience from, and who might have inspired them to the approach toward personal and spiritual development they developed? What spiritual teachers did they meet, what kings and sheiks did teach them, what master and guru’s did they follow if any? Explore together with Russ Hudson and Flemming Christensen the path our early teachers did follow and learn about what has been transferred to us during generations of teachers. We will also look into what innovations they were offering, so their teaching would not just been a modern Buddhism, a modern religion or an other “new age”-approach.

I was somewhat difficult to find only one 10 minutes piece of the hour long conversation. But in the video below Russ Hudson is talking about some of the difficulties also the “fathers of the Enneagram” had to face, when starting their teaching about the Enneagram.



You can purchase the episode (or all 12 episodes) if you want to engage deeper into the topic. (Click here to read more)

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