Enneagram Next Level Teacher Training

The Enneagram Next Level Practitioner - Flemming Christensen

The Enneagram Next Level Teacher Training Program is composed of 3 modules and a total of 12 days.

Join us in this intensive program based on the Scandinavian teaching model, where you will get closer to the truth you have to teach.


We are all teachers just by being around other people. This teacher training program is designed to bring the best of your teaching skills to benefit students and the people around you.


There is a truth about personal growth and development that has to be taught by you!

Module 1

When we are teacher of the Enneagram we are pointing our student in a direction of self-awareness.


For that you need a program, where you will learn the psychology of building new skills, understand the methodology of teaching, training and learning, learn about the skillful transmitting of wisdom, insights and knowledge and continue to build on the wisdom lineage you are becoming a part of.


This is what this program is designed to do and have supported hundreds of Enneagram enthusiasts in their teaching, presenting and sharring.

In this module we establish the gound principles for teaching ones truths and how to create a “body of a teacher”.


We will naturally explore several theories and structures for teaching, but more important we will work on a personal level exploring individual longings for teaching, ways of pointing a student in a direction of self-awarenes, how to “walk one’s own talk” and building the foundation for suistainable teaching.


We create a deep focus on the personal interactions and the dynamics that can occur on the room while teaching to support the personal learning and the use of the energy in the room.

The topics of
module 1 are...

  • The art of Building new Competencies
  • The Five Stages of Learning
  • The Art of Teaching, Guiding and Mentoring
  • Supporting Growing Up and Waking Up
  • Breaking the Glass Cieling of Presence
  • The Power and Limitations of my Own Type as a Teacher
  • Coaching Techniques for Individuals and Groups
  • Including the Enneagram type of the Student

Module 2

The Scandinavian Teaching Model is based on equality and collaboration – and a very special feature including the challenge of the teacher. This will create a learning environment where students becomes teachers just by engaging and sharing their experience with each other.


We will also investigate the difference between Point, Type, Motive, Strategy, Behavior, and Fear, all elements or qualities of the Enneagram. We will stage a deeper look into the history and original of the Enneagram to explore the different aspects of learning and engaging in the model or map.

Understanding how Basic Trust shape our relationship and how the different triads manifest in the type are also essential to this module. Participants will learn more about how each type is represented in Somatic Intuition, Emotional Intuition and Cognitive Intiution and how we can teach from the Four Domains of Teaching.


Third generation of Coaching will be introduced (also called Protreptic) and we will explore how team dynamics impact our teaching and the learning of the whole class.


Finally we will explore how to create powerful exercises that both create learning but also a new level of experience and a new mindset about the Human Condition.

The topics of
module 2 are...

  • The Scandinavian Teaching Model
  • Type, Point, Motive, Strategy, Behavior and Fear
  • The history of the Enneagram
  • Thirds Generation Coaching
  • The Power of Triads
  • The Five major kinds of Levels
  • Emotional, somatic and cognitive intelligence
  • Basic Trust an the Impact of Relationships
  • Group and Team dynamics
  • Using the Enneagram in Different Domains
  • Creating Exercises

Module 3

The Assesment is a group effort – based on the Scandinavian Teaching Model – where everybody helps and are being helped in preparation, feedback and integration.


The feedback from the teaching is important and we take pride in making this module a learning module as the first two modules.


The feedback from co-students is also important, but even more important is the collective culture of co-creating of the learning and the transition everyone is going through this program.

The overall aim for this training is “To find that Truth that is yours to Teach” and this final module is all about coming closer to that truth that is yours.


The feedback from participants is all about the transformation this program provides, how deep a transition everybody experiences, and how the Enneagram changes from being a model or tool to becoming a dynamic approach to the human condition and a path for Growing Up and Waking Up.


We all teach through our Being and the program is celebrating the wisdom and beauty of our Being. We welcome you at a program for profound transformation for yourself and those who will receive your teaching in the future.

The topics of
module 3 are...

  • Individual Preparation for certification
  • Collective Preparation for Certification
  • Planning for Certification
  • Planning for Exercises
  • Presenting and Certification
  • Feedback and Anchoring of Learning
  • Reflection and Integration
  • Celebration and Gratitude

The Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3 are taking place around the year on different international sites.

Send us an e-mail to learn more about the next program in a city close to you.


Send your e-mail to me@flemmingchristensen.com for further informatiom.

What is included in the full program?

2024-IEA-Accredited School - Flemming Christensen
2024-IEA-Accredoted with Distinction - Flemming Christensen
  • Pre-online training will build new capacities for learning and taking advantage of the advanced training.
  • A total of 108 hours of training, study, and assessment and a certificate of participation at the end of the training. Use the 108 in your Enneagram Accreditation. The 3 modules can be conducted as 4 days each or split over 6 submodules of 2 days, depending on geography and other requests.
  • Resources and Material consisting of suggested reading, videos and online quizzes to support your continuous growth – also after the program.
  • Personal coaching during the program by Flemming Christensen for demonstration and learning purposes for the whole group of participants. 


Your Teacher Flemming Christensen

Flemming Christensen will be your teacher for the whole program. He is the author of the book “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters”, the designer of the training, and your guarantee for professional and practical sessions.


For decades Flemming has been teaching the Enneagram and is the founder of THINK ABOUT IT and The Enneagram Institute of Denmark. He is internationally recognized for combining the original teachings of the Enneagram with modern psychology in leadership, team development, coaching, personal growth, and relationships.


He a famous for his Scandinavian Teaching Approach that ensures a high level of learning and well-documented satisfaction. (click here to read more about Flemming Christensen)

The teacher Flemming Christensen

Your profile

This training is designed to take your understanding of the Enneagram into a  more profound place where you will find the truth of the Enneagram to teach.


Before attending, is it expected that you understand the Enneagram and know about the nine types equal to the content of basic training.


We will expect that you are interested in personal growth – for yourself or for your client. Maybe you are a teacher or coach, or you are aspiring to become one.

Eneagram Traing the Trainer - Flemming Christensen

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