Enneagram Next Level Practitioner
- Module 2

The Enneagram Next Level Practitioner - Flemming Christensen

The Enneagram Next Level Practitioner is composed of 3 modules and a total of 12 days.

Join us in this intensive program based on the Scandinavian teaching model.


You will encounter and practice methods and theories that are new to most Enneagram enthusiasts to build new skills for the practical use of the Enneagram.


Coaches, teachers, consultants, and leaders from all over the worlds use this program’s waste toolbox to support sustainable personal growth and development.

Module 2

The Enneagram is about discovering your personality and how you are attached or identified with your personality or Enneagram-type.


Self-discovery, self-awareness and self-accept will get you started, but you will need insights, methods and theory to create the changes you want in your life.


The purpose of working with the Enneagram is to create a subtle distance between the patterns and routines of your personality and your essential human capacity.


But how do we do that?

It seems like the understanding of your Enneagram type is not enough as the Enneagram is only pointing to a direction of growth but does not itself include any tools, methods or practices.


We have to combine the Enneagram with other areas of personal growth and development to bring our wisdom of self into action.


The Enneagram Next Level Practitioner is a program where you will practice self-awareness in Module 1, get access to and practice ways to take your self-awareness into action in Module 2 and in Module 3 learn how to engage in group dynamics, communities and create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose using the Enneagram.


This Module 2 combines the Enneagram with tools for personal growth in a new practical and proven way. More than 300 students have benefitted from this training.

The topics of the module are...

  • Growing up and Waking Up using The Enneagram
  • Instincts as Triggers and The Force Behind The Types
  • The four Domains of Growth
  • Basic Trust and Simulating Freedom and Meaning
  • Enneagram Fixations and “The Forgotten Key”
  • Blind Spots, Shadows and Blind Type
  • Immunity to Change and Moving Up The Levels

The Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3 are taking place around the year on different international sites.

Send us an e-mail to learn more about the next program in a city close to you.


Send your e-mail to me@flemmingchristensen.com for further informatiom.

What is included in the full program?

Enneagram Training - Accredited School - Flemming Christensen
Enneagram Training - Accredited With Destinction - Flemming Christensen
  • Pre-online training will build new capacities for learning and taking advantage of the advanced training.
  • A total of 108 hours of training, study, and assessment and a certificate of participation at the end of the training. Use the 108 in your Enneagram Accreditation.
  • Resources and Material consisting of suggested reading, videos and online quizzes to support your continuous growth – also after the program.
  • Personal coaching during the program by Flemming Christensen for demonstration and learning purposes for the whole group of participants. 


Structure of the training

Growing up and Waking Up using The Enneagram

Growing Up and Waking Up are two different perspectives on your personal growth and development.

When we grow up, we build new human capacities for navigating life. Sometimes this navigation is easy because were are in the flow, and sometimes the navigation is difficult and returning to presence and balance is more needed. When we grow up we will master conflicts, difficulties, changes, and loss in our personal / private and professional part of life. Waking Up is about following a calling or a passion, and mastering how to create a life with deep meaning and purpose and a life, where we often create something a great value for others with others.


You will learn more about:


  • Understand how to work with the two different perspectives on personal growth and development.
  • Creating new skills on both perspectives, understanding how they are interconnected and find a “place to start” your growth.
  • Learn how the levels of Growing Up and the levels of Waking Up can be connected to the Levels of Development by Don and Russ.

Instincts as Triggers and The Force Behind The Types

The Instincts in the Enneagram are the driving force or energy that is making the Enneagram Types act, feel and think.

The three Instincts are called Self-preservation, Sexual and Social and each bring different energy to the nine Enneagram types. We will approach the Instincts as triggers, which can help us discover when we are out of balance so we can catch ourselves in the moment and return to balance in both our Type and Instinct.


You will learn more about:


  • Understand how the Enneagram Instincts impacts the types.
  • Creating new skills to discover when you Instinctual triggers are activated.
  • Learn how these Instinctual triggers can become a whole area for your personal growth and development and should be included in every coaching program regarding building new human skills and qualities.

The four domains of growth and the Wholeness of Growth

All of us are expressing ourselves in four domains, and these four domains are interconnected and do impact each other.

The domains are part of the Integral Studies by Ken Wilber and will expand the understanding of how each of the types in the Enneagram Grow Up and Wake Up in the domains. Understanding the domains in regard to the Enneagram you will obtain new perspectives in the practical practices for your work.


You will learn more about:


  • Understand how each of the types in the Enneagram are Growing Up and Waking Up in four very specific domains of your life.
  • Creating new skills to both identify the four domains in your life and work on them specifically.
  • Learn how build new practices, skills and human qualities for the type using the domains.

Enneagram Fixations and “The Forgotten Key”

The Enneagram Fixations was created by Oscar Ichazo and a way to explain how we all have a fixated mind preventing us from seeing the whole truth.

And “The Forgotten Key” (Called Holy Ideas by Oscar Ichazo) are ideas or keys that will open up the fixation.


You will learn more about:


  • Understand how we are all limited in our fixations and how the Enneagram can identify these fixations and give us an opportunity to let go of them.
  • Creating new skills to both discover the limitations and practice being mindful about them so we have a better chance to remove the limitations and grow personally.
  • Learn how “The Forgotten Keys” can help build a new perspective or mindset dissolving some of the fixations.

Blind Spots, Shadows and Blind Type

Our blind spots are part of our personalities, that we don’t see clearly or don’t see at all.

Blind spots are like shadows and traditional shadow-work can be implied when working on blind spots. The blind spots are related to your primary Enneagram Type, while your blind type will be the type in the Enneagram to which you relate the least.


You will learn more about:


  • Understand the difference between blind spots, shadows and blind type.
  • Creating new skills to explore your “blindness” or “seeing what you have not been able to see” so far.
  • Learn how you need a whole new vocabulary to work on these elements of your personality.

Immunity to Change and Moving Up The Levels

Even if people know that changing their diet or lifestyle will give them several more years to live in while also having a much better quality of life, most people do not change.

Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey have created a process called “Immunity to Change” that will explore the hindering for change called you immunity to change. This tool is integrated into the Enneagram, and you will learn a very powerful process, method, theory and tool for change.


You will learn more about:


  • Understand how each type in the Enneagram have several embedded resistances for change, how to identify them and how to work with them.
  • Creating new skills to both help yourself and others to use the Enneagram for personal growth and development.
  • Learn how resistance to change often is related to the fear, basic trust, and our relationships and how to connect with fear and basic trust and build that healthy relationship that will support your growth and development.

Your Teacher Flemming Christensen

Flemming Christensen will be your teacher for the whole program. He is the author of the book “The Enneagram and why your blind type matters”, the designer of the training, and your guarantee for professional and practical sessions.


For decades Flemming has been teaching the Enneagram and is the founder of THINK ABOUT IT and The Enneagram Institute of Denmark. He is internationally recognized for combining the original teachings of the Enneagram with modern psychology in leadership, team development, coaching, personal growth, and relationships.


He a famous for his Scandinavian Teaching Approach that ensures a high level of learning and well-documented satisfaction. (click here to read more about Flemming Christensen)

The teacher Flemming Christensen

Your profile

This training is designed to take your understanding of the Enneagram into a deeper transpersonal place.


Before attending, is it expected that you understand the Enneagram and know about the nine types equal to the content of basic training.


We will expect that you are interested in personal growth – for yourself or for your client. Maybe you are a teacher or coach, or you are aspiring to become one.

Do you have any questions?

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